Term & Conditions

-The minimum age to open an account through MIRAGE66 is 18 years old.
-Any form of transaction/wager carried out is solely the player’s responsibility. It is the player’s own responsibility to ensure that their account details are compromised. If the player suspects such is the case, he/she should inform us immediately for a password reset.

-Each member must read the rules and regulations of each game where they have been registered before placing their bets.

-Once bet/wagers are confirmed, it can neither be cancelled nor changed.

-MIRAGE66 will not be held responsible in the event that any transaction was declined by a financial institution due to incorrect personal details provided by the player. Please inform us if there is anything wrong with your personal details.

-MIRAGE66 reserves the right to void any bets if it is evident that such bets are found to be an attempt to defraud MIRAGE66. Accounts found to be doing so will be suspended.

-Before any approval of withdrawal request, MIRAGE66 reserves the right to request from players any form of documentation for proof of identity. Failure to provide with said documentation might result in revocation of winnings and account suspension. Documentation includes but is not limited to identity card, driving license, bank statement and passport.

-For any Live Casino platform, betting stakes of or exceeding $ 20,000 is not accepted & will not be pay out by MIRAGE66. *MIRAGE66 will not be responsible for betting stakes of or exceeding $ 20,000.

-Each player only allowed to have one registered account. If we found out players create more than one account, we will treat these accounts as an organizational account and we have the rights to terminate these accounts and credit will be frozen permanently.

-The Company would not responsible for the failure in any equipment or telecommunication that prevents the correct placing, accepting, recording or notification of bets.

-MIRAGE66 have the rights to reject any membership who disobey the rules.